2022 Election


Sisters United  Alliance, the program prepared to seize the moment for women in the 2022 Mid-Term Elections.



There are 7.7 million registered women, voters.

2 million of these women have never voted since they registered to vote.

Over 1 million women are tagged as leaning democrats.



Women Can Be the Difference

2022 has caught the attention of women, particularly younger and politically disengaged women voters. SUA exists to empower these women, who are already registered and eligible to vote but are not participating in our Democracy. SUA is prioritizing 15 counties in Texas with over 550,000 Women that have not participated in our crucial mid-term elections.  Since 2016, SUA has been working with these populations and is uniquely prepared to engage these newly motivated women and get them to the polls. Our track record proves we know the methods and messages disengaged voters respond to most.

Meeting Voters Where They Are

Over three cycles, SUA has targeted over 700,000 infrequent and non-voting women and helped bring over 200,000 women voters into our Democracy. These women do not respond to traditional campaigns. They are busy. They are savvy, and we meet them where they are. In 2022 we will focus on an all-digital campaign that precisely targets these women using their unique internet connections. By using this technique, we can communicate to our women on the phones and devices they use daily.

Rising to the Moment

Women are waking up to the realization that they have fewer rights than their mothers did. Even their right to vote may be nullified if they do not act now. The Defeat of the Kansas Abortion Amendment demonstrates that non-voting women are motivated like never before. But, they need our help. They need to understand how to use their power. They need information specific to them. SUA has proven to be the messenger that reaches and facilitates new women voters best. Right now, our work is more important than ever. Join us in bringing these motivated women to the polls. Your donation to SUA will get results and can help make the difference in 2022. Our women and our Democracy depend on it.