Empowering Women to Vote

Sisters United Alliance (SUA) is a unique data driven women’s voter turnout campaign in Texas, led by women campaign professionals since 2016. SUA identifies women who are registered to vote but have either never voted or have voted once – a universe of voters not usually contacted by the Democratic Party or by candidate campaigns.

There are 7.7 million registered women in Texas. 2 million of them have never voted since they registered to vote. Over 1 million of them are leaning Democrats, and between the ages of 18-49.  

In 2016, SUA focused only in Harris County and targeted 89,000 women voters who did not vote in 2014. SUA efforts turned out 37,000 women (42%).

In 2018, SUA dug deeper into the data and refocused its vision on targeting only Democratic-leaning, non-voting women voters – the forgotten women of Texas. SUA expanded its universe and voter contact to 9 Counties in Texas (Harris, Brazoria, Fort Bend, Galveston, Burleson, Fayette, Montgomery, Waller, Washington).
           o 43,923 or 36% forgotten women voted from the 122,257 targeted universe.
           o 72% of them had never voted in a General Election
           o 97% had not voted in a Primary Election.
           o 47% of them were between the ages of 18 and 34

SUA made a difference in turning Fort Bend County blue, flipping Congressional seats, and several Texas house seats. Its results prove that data analytics, strategic voter contact and effective messaging activate dormant voters. 

In 2020, SUA targeted the state of Iowa and expanded to 26 Counties in Texas, reaching out to over 416,000 women voters with a comprehensive campaign, and reaching out to an additional 71,000 SUA women with a digital campaign only. 

SUA's comprehensive campaign turned out 121,770 or 29% forgotten women.
           o 25% of the known women who voted were Hispanic 
           o 55% of the women were between 25 – 49 years old


SUA's digital campaign turned out 19,472 or 27% forgotten women in Dallas, Bell, Denton, Fort Bend, Tarrant county and HD 114, HD102, HD65, and HD106.