Empowering Women to Vote

Sisters United Alliance (SUA) is a unique data driven women’s voter turnout campaign in Texas, led by women since 2016. SUA identifies women who are registered to vote but have either never voted or have voted once – a universe of voters not usually contacted by the Democratic Party or by candidate campaigns.

The Challenge:
Texas is home to 7.7 million registered women voters. Astonishingly, 2 million of these women have never cast a vote. Over 1 million of them lean Democratic and are between the ages of 18 and 49. SUA’s mission is to engage these forgotten voters and empower them to make their voices heard.

There are 7.7 million registered women in Texas. 2 million of them have never voted since they registered to vote. Over 1 million of them are leaning Democrats, and between the ages of 18-49.  

Our Impact:

2016: Harris County Focus

  • Targeted 89,000 women who did not vote in 2014.
  • Achieved a 42% turnout, with 37,000 women casting their ballots.

2018: Expanding Horizons

  • Refocused efforts on Democratic-leaning, non-voting women in 9 counties (Harris, Brazoria, Fort Bend, Galveston, Burleson, Fayette, Montgomery, Waller, Washington).
  • Engaged 122,257 women, resulting in a 36% turnout (43,923 voters).
  • 72% of these women had never voted in a General Election.
  • 97% had not voted in a Primary Election.
  • 47% were between the ages of 18 and 34.

2020: Statewide and Beyond

  • Expanded outreach to Iowa and 26 Texas counties, targeting 416,000 women with a comprehensive campaign.
  • Additionally, reached 71,000 women with a digital-only campaign.
  • Comprehensive campaign turnout: 121,770 women (29%).
    • 25% of these women were Hispanic.
    • 55% were between the ages of 25 and 49.
  • Digital campaign turnout: 19,472 women (27%) in key counties and districts.

2022: Broadening the Reach

  • Continued expansion, targeting 101 counties in Texas with a digital campaign, reaching 274,840 women voters.

  • Counties divided into three clusters based on density and location:

    a) Big Counties:

    • Targeted 9 counties, including Harris, Tarrant, El Paso, Fort Bend, Nueces, Brazoria, Jefferson, Galveston, and McLennan.
    • Achieved a 30.58% turnout.

    b) Rural First Cluster:

    • Included counties like Nueces, Comal, Midland, Waller, Bastrop, and others.
    • Achieved a 32.92% turnout.

    c) Rural Second Cluster:

    • Included counties like Brooks, Cameron, Duval, Goliad, Guadalupe, and others.
    • Achieved a 19.88% turnout.

The Results: SUA’s strategic approach has played a pivotal role in turning Fort Bend County blue, flipping congressional seats, and securing several Texas House seats. These successes underscore the power of data analytics, targeted voter contact, and effective messaging in mobilizing dormant voters.

Join Us: By supporting SUA, you contribute to a powerful movement that empowers women and strengthens our democracy. Together, we can ensure that every woman's voice is heard and counted.