Sisters United Alliance (SUA) raised over $900k leading to the 2020 cycle which allowed us to execute our full three-step GOTV program through multiple methods media. SUA targets turned out in record numbers across 26 Texas counties. Late funding allowed for an auxiliary digital-only program that was launched halfway through early voting. 

Topline Results

  • SUA expands into 26 Counties

  • Comprehensive SUA program targets over 416k low-propensity women voters

    • Additional Digital Only program targets an additional 71k women

  • Comprehensive program targets produce 121,770 votes, 29% turnout

    • Digital Only program targets produce an additional 19,472 votes, 27% turnout

Comprehensive SUA Program

Digital-Only SUA Program


2020 Cycle Texas Accomplishments

Comprehensive & Digital Only SUA Program

  • 140,898 SUA targeted women voted

  • 487k women targeted ​who had not voted in any recent elections or never voted in Texas

    • 85% of SUA targets have been registered to vote since the 2016 General Election registration deadline
  • Over 25 million digital impressions, 605,086 Video Views, 27k clicks, 950k+ mailpieces

  • SUA targets outperformed similar control targets by 20%