How we win

Texas is not a red state. Texas is a non-voting state. 

Data analysis* shows Democrats have a deeper pool of voters. We must get more from our well and turn Texas blue.

In Texas:
  • There are 7.7 million registered women voters

  • 2 million of these women have never voted 

  • More than 1 million women fall under leaning democrats

In Harris County: 
  • 299,000 registered women who have never voted 

  • 213,000 Democratic leaning women voters

  • 85,000 Republican leaning women voters

71% of registered women who have never voted are leaning Democrats! In order for us to win, we must engage them and turn them out to vote.

SUA believes in the power of these women and has demonstrated that consistent, effective outreach significantly increases their voter turnout. Every election cycle, SUA highlights the crucial impact these women can have on key races. Integrating SUA's proven strategies with candidate and Democratic Party efforts promises not only to flip seats but also to pave the way for turning Texas blue.

* Data collection in January of 2022